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New Team Page Header

All team pages for leagues and organizations now sport a nifty new header!

If a team has a logo, win/loss record, or external website they are displayed in the header.


For teams without any of those, the header will display with a slightly different look.


Also, as a bonus, team rosters and schedule pages now allow you to view seasons!

Thanks to Jim from the Kewaskum A’s and Rock River Baseball League for the suggestion!  If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about Atomic Leagues, we would love to hear them! Please post a comment below or let us know through the support form.

Team Websites – Sending Messages to Coaches Only

This one has been asked for a few times and while you could send a coach/staff only message in league and organization websites, you couldn’t do it for team websites until now.

When sending a message, check the Send message only to coaches? checkbox and it will be limited to just staff members.


Thanks to P.J. from the South Jersey Eclipse for the suggestion!  If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about Atomic Leagues, we would love to hear them! Please post a comment below or let us know through the support form.

Better Schedule Page

Based on feedback from some of our leagues, we have changed the schedule page within the admin in a few different ways to make it even easier to use.

The first is that for teams, leagues, and organizations, past events are now hidden by default.  No more scrolling through lots of old results to get to the game you want to score.


You can easily view past events by checking the box to show past events if you do need to view a game or event that has already taken place.


For leagues and organizations you can now also filter the schedule by team to reduce the number of events on the page.  Just select the team you want to filter the schedule by and you will only see events and games for that team.


Hopefully this helps make it easier for you to maintain your schedule.  If you have questions or comments we would love to hear them!  Please post a comment below or let us know through the support form.

Teams can now have Multiple Leagues for a Season

We didn’t have any requests for this feature in the first three years of Atomic Leagues but it has been a popular request in 2013 as we have had multiple teams asking to be able to have multiple leagues for a single season.

It took longer than expected to implement this but we are happy to announce that now a team can have multiple leagues for a season!

You will find a Leagues option now available under the Manage menu when you log in.  Clicking on the link will bring you to a page where you can add and remove leagues for a season.


By adding additional leagues to a season you will now get a drop-down on the add/update game pages that let you select which league the game is for.


Additional league information now also displays on the schedule page to indicate which league the game is for.


I’m sure the next question for many of you that were looking for this feature is “great, but how can we filter our standings, stats, schedule, etc. by league?”  The short answer for now is that you can’t, but we will be gradually incorporating league filters into the rest of the website over the next few months.  Allowing teams to add multiple leagues to a season and then indicating which league a game is for is the first step in allowing this to happen and sets everything up.

Thanks goes out to Craig from the West Bend 7 Up, Jim from the Kewaskum A’s, and Brad from the Neosho Rockets for suggesting this feature.  As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by submitting a support ticket or leaving a comment below.

iScore + Atomic Leagues = awesome scoring from your mobile device

We are thrilled to announce that Atomic Leagues has partnered with iScore, the #1 mobile sports scoring application, to bring you scoring from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device!

Score a game using iScore and the results will automatically be synced to your Atomic Leagues team website once you export them from iScore.  This is going to be awesome for those teams using iScore, you will never have to enter a box score on the website again.


  • Live iScoreCasts are integrated within your Atomic Leagues team website so your fans can watch live play-by-play as it happens.  As your games start they will automatically be linked to the iScoreCast.
  • Sync players, teams, and games automatically every time you export from iScore.

Teams on the All-Star plan can use iScore for mobile scoring so upgrade your plan today to take advantage of this!

If you have any questions on how to use iScore with your Atomic Leagues team website, please leave a comment below or submit a support ticket and we would be happy to help.

Team Wins/Losses for Leagues

In October we introduced the ability for teams to add historical wins/losses for seasons they didn’t have individual games for.  We have seen a number of teams take advantage of this feature and add historical season wins/losses.  For example, the Spring Hill Chargers now have 26 seasons of wins and losses.

Since then we have also received a number of requests to make this available for leagues and I am happy to announce that it is ready!  Leagues can now add historical wins/losses just like teams can.

Just go to manage -> Season Wins/Losses after logging in, pick a season to add wins/losses to and once you add wins/losses they will display on the league standings page for historical seasons.

Special thanks to Allen from the Fall River Independent Baseball League and Shawn from the Stearns County League for suggesting this feature.  If there are other features you would like to see added or if you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment below or submit a support ticket.

Team Wins/Losses

You can now enter wins, losses, and ties for your team for any season.  Wins and losses are still calculated from games on your schedule but we know that for some of your older seasons you don’t have the individual games any more, just the season wins and losses.  Hopefully this allows you to capture your team’s history for those seasons that you don’t have individual game results for.

For teams, go to manage -> season wins/losses after logging in.

Pick a season to add wins/losses to.

Select a game type, add wins, losses, and ties, and you are done!

The wins, losses, and ties for the season now display on your website.

Special thanks to Mike from the Bloomington Bandits for suggesting this feature.  If there are other features you would like to see added or if you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment below or submit a support ticket.


Team Stat Record Books!

All of the team statistics that you have been entering are now available as team record books!  Answer questions like “Which year did we hit the most homeruns?” or “In which game did we steal the most bases?”.  When your 1996 state tournament team swears they had the best batting average in team history, now you can prove them right (or wrong).

The more seasons you have for your team or league the better the statistics but it is amazing how interesting these statistics are after just a few seasons.  Just take a look at some of just a few team websites with great team statistics that go way back: the Spring Hill Chargers with 30(!) years of statistics, the Maple Lake Lakers with 9 years, and the St. Louis Park Town Team with 14 years of statistics.

And of course, the best part is that you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of the new team statistics.  They are already part of your website using the game and season results you have already entered.

Hopefully this gives your players and fans even more reasons to keep coming back to your website.

Like the team records books?  Looking for something else?  Just leave a comment below or submit a support ticket and we’ll see what we can do!


I am happy to announce that you can now create league websites through Atomic Leagues!  Creating a league let’s you connect team websites together and display them in a dynamic, engaging fashion.  Join some of our early adopters, the Lakewood League and Riverview League, and create your league website today!

Some of the highlights include:

  • Teams that already have an Atomic Leagues website can be connected to the league website and any information entered on the team website is automatically displayed on the league website.
  • Teams that don’t want their own website can have a team account within the league that allows them to maintain a schedule, player information, coaches, game results, and a team page.
  • Standings are updated immediately as teams report their game scores.
  • Leagues are as customizable as teams.  Custom Pages, email and text messages, photos, and statistics are all available.
  • The league schedule is automatically pushed down to team websites as game requests, eliminating the need for teams to enter league schedule information on their website.
  • League websites are flexible and will meet the needs of any league.  You can start as simple as just including a schedule and standings or build out the league website to include a network of individual team websites.

League pricing is similar to teams in that there are three tiers, including basic, which is free.  You can view all pricing and feature information on the league plan and pricing page.

You can create your own league website today and I am more than happy to help anyone if they have questions or need additional setup.  I hope you are as excited about league websites as I am, if you have suggestions or feedback, please post a comment below or submit a support request.