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Online Registrations – Copying and Section Breaks

We recently introduced two new features for online registrations – the ability to copy a previous online registration and the option to add section breaks into your online registration.

Copying a Previous Online Registration

Go to Manage > Online Registrations after logging in and there is a new option to copy a online registration.


You can copy any online registration from any season.  Everything pertaining to the online registration will be copied with the exception of registrants.


We have had a lot of requests to allow copying of online registrations, hopefully it is useful to everyone!

Section Breaks

On the online registration form you can add section breaks to group sets of question and information.


Once the section break has been added it will display on the online registration form.


Thanks to Pete from the Sartell Baseball Association for bumping Copying Online Registrations and Online Registration Section Breaks up in priority.  If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about Atomic Leagues, we would love to hear them! Please post a comment below or let us know through the support form.

Team, League, and Organization websites go mobile!

We’ve been working on converting all team, league, and organization websites to mobile-friendly versions and today parts of each website now display optimized for a mobile phone!


Those pages configured for mobile as of this morning are:

  • Home page
  • News
  • Contact Us
  • Custom Pages
  • Online Registration

We will continue to convert additional sections of each website over the next few weeks.  Those pages not configured for mobile will still display correctly, just not in a mobile-friendly view.

Please let us know if you notice any issues with mobile-friendly pages or have any other suggestions by posting a comment below or let us know through the support form.  Thanks!



Online Registration Forms now Always Editable

You can now edit any online registration forms, even after you have had people register.


Previously, once someone registered for a form it was no longer editable to prevent the integrity of the registered data.  But now you can modify and delete questions after they have been answered.  You can also modify and delete drop-down, radio button, and check box answers after they have been answered.

Haven’t tried online registrations?  They are a great way to get players for your team, league, or organization signed up.  And, as always, if you are accepting online registration payments then your website is free!

If you would like to know about online registrations, we would love to hear from you!  Please post a comment below or let us know through the support form.  We are more than happy to help anyone set up an online registration at no charge.

Option to not display Online Registrations on the Schedule

For a lot of online registrations it makes sense to display them on your schedule along with all of your other events.  You want your golf fundraiser, bowling night, etc. there.

However, for online registration only events, it has never made sense for them to be listed on the schedule.  Your online registration period may have a start and end date but it doesn’t actually need to be listed on the schedule as an event.

Now you can have it both ways.  For online registration only events you don’t have to display them on your schedule.  Online registration for physical events that have an event date can still be listed on the schedule.

Specifying whether to display an online registration on the schedule or not is easy, just check the Don’t display the online registration on the schedule and it won’t display.  Don’t check the box and it will.


Online registrations that don’t display on the schedule will still display on your online registrations page as well as in the current online registrations widget.

Hopefully this is something teams, leagues, and organizations will find useful.  If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about Atomic Leagues, we would love to hear them! Please post a comment below or let us know through the support form.

Canadian Provinces now Available

We have been happy to see an influx of Canadian teams and leagues in the past few weeks and I apologize for not having the Canadian provinces as options in the state drop-down.  I’m happy to say that now you can select US States and Canadian Provinces from the State/Province drop-down when creating a new team or league, working with locations, or registering online.


Online Registration Messages and Invitations

You can now send out messages directly to anyone who has registered online for one of your events.  Quickly let your registrants know important information such as event changes, reminders. etc.

You can also send out invitations for an event to anyone who has registered for one of your previous events.  Having your second annual golf fundraiser?  Send out invitations to everyone that registered for your first fundraiser and increase your response rate and simplify the information your registrants have to enter again.

Sending out an invitation will generate an email to each previous registrant that contains a unique link to your new event, prefilling their basic information and allowing them to sign up quickly and easily.

Haven’t tried online registrations yet?  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have or help you set one up.  Just post a comment below or contact me to get started.

Online Registration

I am very excited to announce that online registration is now available to all teams, leagues, and organizations.  With online registration you can process registrations online conveniently and securely without the hassle of a merchant account or credit card processing software.

Creating registration forms is free and you can create as many as you want.  Anything you want people to register for is fine to create a registration form for – golf fundraisers, tryouts, team dues, equipment.  Anything.  View customizable reports at any time that can be exported to Excel.  Registration is also fully integrated into your website so visitors that are registering never actually leave your site.

You can also continue to expect the same great support you receive with your Atomic Leagues team, league, or organization website.  We are available to answer any questions you might have or help you set up online registration for your website.

For those registrations that require payment:

  • Atomic Leagues charges a low processing fee of 5% + $.50 per registration.
  • The processing fee can be absorbed by your organization or added onto the final registration price.
  • Credit Cards accepted include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Registration payments are mailed to you in the form of a check every two weeks.
  • Registrations that don’t require payment can be built free of charge and do not incur a processing fee.
  • You can set up pricing tiers to charge a different price depending on the date.
  • Answers can also be assigned an amount to dynamically change the registration price depending on the answer selected.

To get started with online registration, click on Manage -> Online Registrations once you have signed into Atomic Leagues.

From there you can specify the event specifics, set pricing, and create your registration form.  Want to learn more?  See the full list of online registration features or contact us and I would be happy to walk you through online registration and help you set everything up.