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Team, League, and Organization websites go mobile!

We’ve been working on converting all team, league, and organization websites to mobile-friendly versions and today parts of each website now display optimized for a mobile phone!


Those pages configured for mobile as of this morning are:

  • Home page
  • News
  • Contact Us
  • Custom Pages
  • Online Registration

We will continue to convert additional sections of each website over the next few weeks.  Those pages not configured for mobile will still display correctly, just not in a mobile-friendly view.

Please let us know if you notice any issues with mobile-friendly pages or have any other suggestions by posting a comment below or let us know through the support form.  Thanks!



Embedding a link to a document in a Page or News article

There have been a few questions lately on how to upload a document and embed it on a page or news article.  We use a third-party tool to handle this part of Atomic Leagues and I’ll admit that it is confusing.

Here is a quick walkthrough on how to upload a document to a page.

1. Highlight the text you want to link to a document.



2. Click the paperclip icon for documents.


3. Click the Upload tab.



4. Click the Choose File button.  This will allow you to choose the file you want to upload.


5. Select the file you want to upload and click Open.


6. Click the Upload the Document button.  Clicking this button will actually upload the document.


7.Click the OK button.


8. Your text is now linked to the document you just uploaded!



Hopefully this helps clear up the confusion around uploading a document to embed in a page.  The process for embedding an image is actually the same as well.  If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about Atomic Leagues, we would love to hear them! Please post a comment below or let us know through the support form.

Home Page and News Issues Resolved

We have seen a few issues since our big upgrade a couple of weeks ago with home page data and news articles.  This morning we made an infrastructure change to how the data is being stored for both the home page and news articles that should resolve these issues.  You should not notice any differences on your website or when editing home page or news content, but if you do, please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

Page Editor Updated

We use a third-party plugin for whenever you edit a page such as the home page, or a custom page, add a news article, or a player profile.  Recently we’ve been getting support tickets around that plugin and Internet Explorer 11, mainly in that it isn’t working in IE 11.

Yesterday (Tuesday, 6/18/2014) we upgraded the plugin to its newest version.  The upgrade should fix any problems anyone was having with Internet Explorer 11.  The goal for the upgraded plugin is that anything you were able to do before when editing a page you should be able to do in the new plugin.

We’ve had a few tickets pointing out things that people aren’t able to do in the new plugin, if you come across anything else please let us know and we’ll look into those as well.

Tag Events, Games, News, and Seasons

In a big step toward allowing you to build custom reports and statistical pages, you can now tag games, events, news, and seasons.  Tagging allows you to add additional meaning to a game, event, news article, or season.

Previously for a game (we’ll use a game as the example, but tags are applied in the same way to events, seasons, and news articles as well) you could specify that it was a league game, set the game type, and check the tournament box.  But that was about it.  Now you can tag the game however you want and add all sorts of meaningful data to the game itself.

Checking the tournament box is boring.


Adding tags is exciting!


As you can see, you can add as many tags as you want to your game.  Maybe you want to tag the game as a seven inning game or that wood bats were used or that it was part of a specific tournament or everyone wore their hats backwards or really whatever you want.  It is completely up to you.

But why should I add tags?

Adding tags to a game will allow it to display on the schedule with tags.


It also allows visitors to your website to filter the schedule by a tag.


The Best is Yet to Come

The best part of tags isn’t available yet but is in the works.  Once you have tagged your games and seasons you will be able to create custom statistical pages based on your tags. You’ll be able to have a page on your website that lists stats from seven inning games.  Or a page that lists stats from the Memorial Day Tournament played at night.  Or a page that lists state playoff stats vs. just playoff stats.  Or a page that lists stats from games where your green uniforms were worn.  Or whatever you dream up.

Hopefully you start adding tags to all of your games, events, news articles, and seasons to give them additional meaning.  As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by submitting a support ticket or leaving a comment below.

RSS Feeds for Team and Player News

All team and player news is now available as RSS feeds for your players and fans to subscribe to in their favorite RSS reader.  Feeds can be subscribed to at the team or player level.

When you post a news article, game preview, or game recap, it will be available in the team RSS feed.

When you link a player to a news article, game preview, or game recap using the player linking technique, it will be available in the player’s RSS feed.

Automatically Link Players in News Articles

Now you can link players in news articles and game previews and recaps simply by enclosing them in brackets (“[“, “]”).  This allows you to create linked articles that highlight your players and link directly to their player pages when their name appears in an article.

Another added benefit of linking player names is that there is a new News tab on the player profile pages that lists the last 10 news articles that this player has been in.  When you mark a player in an article it will show up under their News tab.

A sample news tab for a player can be found at: http://sartellmuskies.atomicleagues.com/players/adam-wenker/news.