Custom Statistics Available

Custom statistics are now available when tracking pitching, hitting, and fielding stats.  You can have up to five custom statistics per category (i.e. five for pitching, five for hitting, and five for fielding).

Using custom statistics is easy.  When entering season or game statistics, just click on the change or reorder tracked stats link.  Here you can select, update, and reorder your statistics, including custom statistics.


Click the update link next to the statistic you want to customize.  Give it an abbreviation and description.


Check the box by the custom statistic to track it.


Enter a value for the custom statistic just like any other statistic.


Make sure to indicate that you want the custom statistic to display on your website.


Now you have custom statistics displaying on your website!


Hopefully this will give you a way to quickly add statistics to track that aren’t available as part of the base statistics package.  Thank you to Matt from the St. Louis Park Town Team for suggesting we add custom statistics.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by submitting a support ticket or leaving a comment below.

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