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Atomic Leagues down for maintenance – finished

We have uncovered a bug that needs to be fixed immediately and Atomic Leagues will be down for maintenance starting at 10:15 am central time on 3/19/2015.  The outage should only be 15-30 minutes.  I will update this post when maintenance is complete.

UPDATE: The maintenance is complete and Atomic Leagues is back up and running.  Please let us know if you experience any issues.

Home Page and News Issues Resolved

We have seen a few issues since our big upgrade a couple of weeks ago with home page data and news articles.  This morning we made an infrastructure change to how the data is being stored for both the home page and news articles that should resolve these issues.  You should not notice any differences on your website or when editing home page or news content, but if you do, please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

Page Editor Updated

We use a third-party plugin for whenever you edit a page such as the home page, or a custom page, add a news article, or a player profile.  Recently we’ve been getting support tickets around that plugin and Internet Explorer 11, mainly in that it isn’t working in IE 11.

Yesterday (Tuesday, 6/18/2014) we upgraded the plugin to its newest version.  The upgrade should fix any problems anyone was having with Internet Explorer 11.  The goal for the upgraded plugin is that anything you were able to do before when editing a page you should be able to do in the new plugin.

We’ve had a few tickets pointing out things that people aren’t able to do in the new plugin, if you come across anything else please let us know and we’ll look into those as well.

Twitter Widget Available Again

As of this morning, the Twitter widget should be working again.  We defaulted existing Twitter feeds to more or less match what you had before but you now have the ability through Twitter to customize your feed even further if you like.

To customize your feed in Twitter go to to create or modify a widget.  It is also under Settings -> Widgets in Twitter after logging in.

Please let us know if you are having an issue with your new Twitter widget or any questions on how to customize it further by submitting a support ticket or leaving a comment below.

Twitter Widget currently unavailable

The Twitter social media widget available to put on your team, league, or organization website is currently unavailable.  Twitter has retired their old API for displaying tweets on a website and we are working on integrating their new API into Atomic Leagues.  Hopefully this will be ready in the next few days, we apologize for any inconvenience.